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Support is our Core business. Many of our new clients are earned through referrals from satisfied customers. Below are a few success stories from businesses that have experienced the first-hand benefits of working with Individual Point of Sale (iPOS).

  • Running a retail store involves wearing many different hats; buyer, merchandiser and crisis manager. You have to know how to do lots of different things. I have been in business for 12 years and knowing I have someone that I can depend on for my Point of Sale is so important. One thing that I do not understand is the computer stuff! I want my Point of Sale system to work. I need an expert!

    I used to stress out every time we had issues, especially when I went on vacation or out of town for buying shows. Since I discovered Individual Point of Sale through a mutual retailer, those worries have disappeared. The iPOS Support Team is a breath of fresh air. They are honest and upfront and dont make promises they cant deliver. They handle my hardware, networking, software upgrades, both Point of Sale and QB Financial, offsite backup and security software.

    At the beginning of my relationship with iPOS my manager and I were out of town for a show. Stephanie came in to open the store one morning and the screen was blank. She called intuit and they wanted a $600 payment upfront to log on. I told her to call iPOS. The iPOS Support Team had everything running in no time. They have been my go-to team ever since. I recommend iPOS to anyone and everyone I know.

    When I give them a call, iPOS is prompt. They fix any issue quickly which is SO important to me because we are a seasonal business and anything that slows processing sales costs my business $$$$. iPOS is thorough and I want them handling my Point of Sale system!

    Donna Greenlee
    The French Door
    2921 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
  • We love this POS system. Here are a few reasons why.

    1- The last few years it has required several hours, sometimes a few days to narrow down our inventory at the end of the year. We did it in three hours.

    2- We were never able to see trends with regards to WHEN we typically sell certain products in our store. Now we can decide when to order, and how much to order without making a guess. This significantly lowered overhead and saved us probably the actual cost of the POS.

    3- Family time. We are a small operation. Every Sunday we would do inventory manually, and order what we needed on the phone from our suppliers. Now I can make a list of what I sold, immediately turn it into a PO, email it, and now I spend Sunday afternoons at home with my kids. Put a price on that?

    Thanks for all the help.

    John Tinelli
    Triple R Camping Resort
    Franklinville, NY
  • We entered a drawing at the Dallas Gift Market for a free copy of Intuit's "Point of Sale Software." Low and behold we won the drawing.? What now?? The sponsors connected ?us with Vince Anselmo, owner of iPOS (Individual Point of Sale ). iPOS set us up with all necessary hardware and IT support for the POS system and corresponding QuickBooks Pro book keeping software at a very reasonable price and in a very timely manner. ?

    Today we operate as efficiently as the "Big Boys" do.

    iPOS Support Team is extremely professional and available at a moments notice. They have literally "Saved Our Bacon" when it comes to our hardware and software needs.

    The IPOS staff treats us as if we are family. We feel as if we have our own in house IT department. Thanks Vince for your professionalism and your friendship.

    Steve Pepper
    Pepper's Dry Goods
    Knox City, TX
  • To the CardSmart Super-Heroes, aka, Vince, Tracee, Mike and Sharon:

    I hope you enjoy this celebrity thank you gift! Orange chocolate and Sponge candy are two of my favorites so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and send you orange sponge candy as a thank you for all the help you have given me. I know I pay you to help me ? but working with such a patient, dedicated, likeable group has made this computer transition / training process so much more bearable! You have made a very stressful time for me a rewarding, and dare I say, a fun challenge?!?

    So please, enjoy this small token of appreciation because unlike the monthly support fee I pay, this one comes from the heart.

    Tracey Mangano
    Kenmore, NY
  • I wanted to take a moment to complement iPOS on everything the company has done for Coastal FX before, during and after installation. I researched many POS options extensively and felt that I needed to go with an industry specific software. Because those so called "industry specific" softwares were so expensive I looked into Quickbooks POS and found that it had all I needed to manage my inventory and the financial fitness of my new boutique.

    iPOS provided me with the optimal combination of value, features, flexibility and service. While I am extremely pleased with all the above, hands down, it has been the support after the installation I am most thankful for. Your level of customer service is unmatched. You deliver what you promise.

    I can say without hesitation that I would recommend iPOS to anyone looking for an affordable POS solution. Thank you Vince for your fast and knowledgeable support you continue to deliver.

    Kelly Keller
    Coastal FX
    Stone Harbor, NJ
  • What was a dream became a reality in July of 2009. My partners and I opened Serendipity in Highland, Maryland. Before we started our business venture we did a lot of research on Point Of Sale systems. We knew exactly what we needed to help run a successful business, coming from working for another retailer. We researched Intuit?s POS system and it had everything on our checklist. We met Vince and Michelle with Individual Point of Sale (iPOS) at the Philadelphia Gift Show. By means of an in person demonstration, they guided us through creating purchase orders, adding inventory into the system, and ringing up customers. After that we were sold! iPOS came to the store before we had our opening, setup and installed our system and trained us. After one day we learned what we needed to start checking in all our merchandise and making a sale. Of course we had lots of questions and made many phone calls to iPOS that they quickly and graciously answered!

    Since we were using QuickBooks Point Of Sale we chose Intuit?s Merchant Services as well. We liked how it integrated with our POS so settling at days end was simple and the money went right to our bank account. At the beginning of each month we know how much was coming out for the credit card fees by using IMS? online service.

    Then, after six months of being open we decided to interface our QuickBooks Pro Accounting with the Point of Sale. As book-keeper I was overwhelmed with six months of information that had to be sorted through, but with iPOS? help and the ease of operation of QuickBooks it got done quickly. Now, after I receive an order in Point of Sale I can go into QuickBooks Accounting and pay the bill. It?s already there! All our merchandise bills, income, including credit card transactions, and sales tax are all transferred to our QuickBooks Accounting. I am in love with the complete ?Business Solution?.

    Thank you for helping to simplify running our business!

    Lauren Appleby
    Serendipity, LLC
    Highland, MD

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